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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Blogger Awards :)

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend.Mine is a busy one as have family visiting so not much time for crafting :( Have been given this fabulous blog award from five lovely peeps so thanks so much messi jessi and Peter and Noreen and carol and also the lovely naomi just click on their names and you can see their fab blogs.

There is a condition with this blog and i have to tell you 6 lies and one truth,but can you quess what the truth is??

1. my favourite colour is purple
2. i have 3 brothers
3. i am a cliff richard fan
4. love to watch murder programmes
5. i am allergic to chocolate,brings me out in a rash
6. i spend my spare time cooking
7. had pole dancing lessons at the local nightclub

i now need to nominate 7 people and they are

1. Annette for inspiring me and being a good friend
2. Angie for designing my gorgeous header and banner
3. Auntie sue for helping me right from the start
4. Dianne for being my docrafts sis
5. jennie for her gorgeous cards and being such a lovely lady
6. Kathleen for her fabby blog and detailed posts
7. Di for her witty postings

Well have a good weekend all and i hope i can get back on docrafts as been unable to access site since thursday night!!


  1. Hello Kay, I've just left a message on DC and on your challenge to let everyone know you are having problems getting back on. I hope you can get back on soon, we all miss you, you are our little 'Life & soul' of the party. Take care and if you want me to take any messages just leave them on my blog. Love Teresa xx

  2. Hi Kay, I've not been around much lately, but there is a little something for you on my blog too. Have a great weekend.

    ps - I think no 5 is a bit of an untruth xx

  3. My pleasure Kay! I think your truth is love to watch murder programmes! Sorry you can't get on DC - we miss you!

  4. ooo glad you are ok our little spider ... missing you ... and hope to have you back with us real soon ...

  5. We are all missing you over on DC.
    OpaqueWhisper wrote "She should delete her cookies that usually helps"
    Hugs Ginny

  6. Hi Kay
    Thankyou for this award,much appreciated sis,i cannot believe the one you don't like choc lol,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  7. you had pole dancing lessons at a local club. i'm going with that as your truth :D


  8. I think you're a cliff richard fan. I can imagine you listen to him singing while crafting. Kathleen x

  9. Thanks Kay thought it was you that helped me. lol

  10. pmsl like the pole dancing lessons where they good


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