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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Been tweaking again!

Thought i would have a play with backgrounds,funny how a hour disappears when i do
its meant i have had to change my font colours and also have shrunken the banners with help from @ngie
what do you think of the new one?


  1. I think it looks great Kay.
    Sam xx

  2. Oh dear Kay, can't remember what it looked like put it down to senile dementia. But its a great background. Annette x

  3. i spent ages working out where the picture of the background was and then realised you meant your blog lol. looks great xx

  4. very elegant with the touch of black and white...suits you Kay
    Mina xxx

  5. Hi Kay ... thank you for pm'img me but I cant get into do-crafts at the moment will try again later ... ooooo hate it when you cant get in

    your blog is looking great well done ...

    happy crafting Sandy xx

  6. Love your revamp background Kay! Smashing! x

  7. ooo wow ... I dun it ... thanks for your help my little spider ... your blog is looking great ... love the three columns off to have a play ... happy crafting

  8. Hi are you, hope you are well and staying out of mischief on
    Love your new design, ou can spend ages just hugs carol

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