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Monday, 2 May 2011

Inkscape project and first svg file

Hi all,well knowing how much i like to tinker on the pc and with scal (surecutsalot) for my cricut, sue from docrafts suggested i download inkscape and have a play which i did. Well to be honest was a bit daunting at first and some of the tutorials very off putting but found this one and after a initial hiccup ie not reading it properly have spent a happy 2 hours following their doll tutorial and making my own version. This is now a cutting file but shall leave the cutting and tweaking bit for tomorrow as a bit brain
So if you want to stretch those brain cells then inkscape is the thing for you,here is the link to download it and its free.Basically you make something using lots of shapes and those eyelashes were So have a nosey and look at the tutorial to see the differences in theirs and mine and yes i didnt do the blush on her cheeks :)


  1. I wish I was clever enough lol..... taking me all my time to even get into SCAL....not even the basic... I will leave the clever bits to you and Sue

  2. Haven't a clue what you are talking about Kay but it looks Annette x

  3. Whose a clever girl then? I have Inkscape but have not got around to trying anything much really. I did do a pansy from one of my photographs but never got around to cutting it out to see if it works :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Well done Kay - need to blow the thick layer of dust off my Cricut!

  5. Kay, you have won my little competition. Let me know your addy by e,mail or pm at Docrafts, xx

  6. Wow Kay, she is good! I had inkscape and managed the flag with stars tutorial... then back to PSP!x


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