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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Trouble with leaving comments UPDATE and another UPDATE!!

Hi all,have just been trying to leave comments and some blogs wont let me and i am aware that Lee is having the same issue and some others that i take a peek at also so  please dont think i am rude if i havent left a comment. Blogs i cant leave comments on so far are
Lees crafty corner
whispers cards
the smile factory
UPDATE - have been doing some detective work and it seems to be blogs that are affected all have this kind of comment box
so would be worth going into settings and then comments and changing from having comment box embedded at bottom of post to pop up window option,hope that helps lee,x
IGNORE THAT LEE....LOL as it appears that some peeps cant comment on mine either :(
off to investigate some more,might be a while!!


  1. ooo love your blog kay ... and love the music ... I wondered what it was when it started lol ... happy crafing and love sandy xx

  2. Kay I think its something to do with blogger changes. As far as Im aware, some people are having to un-tick the "remember me" on log in and that helps with the problem. It could also be to do with the browser you use, but try unticking the "remember me" box at log in first and see if that works. If not, try another browser. I use google chrome and gave no problems. Hope it works. Lee x

  3. hi lee,already have to do that anyway so guessing this is another tweak by blogger,x

  4. I have the same problems Kay and really not sure why. This only started to go wrong last week....

  5. Oh dear Lol we are doomed.I did receive your comments ok Lol.I gonna wait now to see what you find out before i do anything.Huggles xx Cuddles for Sam hope he has cooled down now xx

  6. Oh thanks for that hun, i wasn't aware i had a problem, but in my basic blogging skills i will check it out or ask Alan !!!, Luv Sam x

  7. Hi Kay - hope this posts for you. I had problems with my blog but changed from explorer to google chrome and that sorted things out but... last week l could not acces Lees blog it had a malware message but that seems ok now. It's all to do with aliens in outer space me thinks lol x Susan x

  8. Hi Kay had a look at new craft room it's amazing.. so very neat and compact.. kittyc


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