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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Flood photos and Scan n Cut

Hi all,yet another horrible day here in Devon, unable to go outside with the children today as so wet and windy!
Fingers crossed not too much damage done today down the seafront. We now have lost part of the roof of the little shed so with the damage done to our big shed and broken fence panels it's becoming expensive :-(
Hope you are all safe and dry and not suffering damage to your properties.
These pictures are from last wednesday when we had the bad storm and it has been the worst I have ever seen here in 25 hrs, just glad we no longer live by the seafront.

My heart goes out to those people who have been flooded out.
I do have some good news though that my special delivery turned up on Monday and I am now the proud owner of a Scan n Cut :-)

so been having a play and getting used to the machine, first impressions are good.x


  1. Glad you are enjoying your new toy Kay. Don't know what we will get next, tonight we had freezing rain with a slippery hill for the cars to struggle up. The wind is very strong. xx Flora

  2. Enjoy your new toy. Mine is a tad more musical? Foul weather, it's been extremely windy and rainy here today! BJ

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  4. I hope thing improve soon it is very scary. love your new bit of kit take care keep safe Ginny x

  5. can see you are enjoying your new toy Kay. The photos are pretty scarey, glad to know you are safe and dry. Annette x

  6. Hi Kay yes alot of damage every where we have been luck till tonight when chris was on his way home in his car his pride and joy. I tree fell in front of him and hit his car lucky he stirred away in time so he was un hurt just the car damaged but dont think enough for him to cliam and loose his no claims so a bill of about £500 at least. oh well take care and stay safe

  7. It must be terrifying for all of you in the path of destruction from the unprecedented high winds and heavy rains. it shoes that Mother Nature will not be stopped when she lets rip. Hugs to all of you.
    Not heard of the Scancut, looks like a great new toy to play with :o)
    Jackie xx

  8. Hi Jay,
    Glad you have a new toy to play with,
    I too am glad I don't live by the sea anymore, the hurricane that hit us years ago finished me off.
    I have in idea what the weather can throw at us now, I am not flooded but the floods on the Somerset levels are not far away, it's 9.30am while I write this it's snowing, my husband has just said it s a change from rain.
    Stay safe an dry, hope you don't get any more damage.

  9. So jealous of your new toy Kay but not of the weather we have been pretty lucky here on Dartmoor although we have had high winds and heavy rain we have not really been flooded except for the road in and out of the village with the water coming down off the moors but we can still get in and out thank goodness. Keep safe. Love Alison xx

  10. enjoy your new toy-we are so lucky have the winds and the rain but thankfully no flooding as yet fingers crossed
    Carol x

  11. Enjoy your new toy Kay, it does look good. I don't envy you that weather, it has been bad enough here in Kent, but nothing like what you are experiencing. Keep safe. Tinaxx

  12. I am so sorry for this Horrible weather...all my thought go to you and everybody suffering from this.
    in a more candid note I came to say;
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. So glad you haven't been hit too hard by the storms Kay. Keep safe and well.

  14. Hi Kay,have been thinking about you all in Devon,sorry to hear about the damage to your sheds etc.We have had similar here horrendous weather,lots of damage down the beach to cafe's etc,all our fields are waterlogged too.My heart goes out to all those people who have lost their homes.Love the look of your new scan n cut,can't wait to see more.Big Hugs to you all,Big Cuddle for Sam xxxx

  15. My thoughts go out to you Kay, keep safe x. Glad to hear that the postie managed to get through the wind and rain and bring your new toy. Have fun using it xxx

  16. I am thinking of getting a new machine Kay, i am intrested to see how you get on with that.I like what you have done so far!

  17. Oh bless you, you poor things i was wondering how you were doing.

    I'm loving your new toy and looks like you are going to have lots of fun with it too, Luv Sam x


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