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Monday, 23 July 2012

Beware non crafting post..........................Kitchen refit!!

Hi all,well this last week has been very hectic with the end of term activities,trip to Slough to see a member of family who has been taken into hospital and packing up my kitchen for a complete over haul!
So as no crafting on the agenda thought you might like to see what i am living with at the moment
My Full craft room
 Kitchen all emptied
dining area all bare
front room converted
makeshift prep area complete with sleeping dog
ready for action
after cupboards ripped out
my poor kitchen

So as i type this the electrician is rewiring all the electrics and having fun with his tools,so hopefully all will be done by the end of the week and life will be back to normal, off to look at your blogs now,x


  1. Awww poor Kay, but how fab when it's all done all will be fine, just don't disturb the us up to date, I love a good nosey..xxxx

  2. Aaah bless you hun - i know exactly how you are feeling, i had a new kitchen installed last year, this time i'm having my lounge decorated, but it's while i'm in Oz !!! - how canny am i :-), Luv Sam x

  3. Oh Kay i feel for you! been there myself, never mind it will all be worth it in the end!!!!x

  4. Good luck with your re-vamp kitchen, Take care hugs Ginny ♥

  5. oh em geeeeeee.. I know exactly how ya feel darl... I had awalk-in shower room last yr & ughhhhh the mess.... the dust.... ohhhhhhhh I hated it but I do love my bathroom now lol & your kitchen looks awesome... I know waht its liek to have ya room cluttered with stuff that dont belong but I bet ya chuffed & think it woz all worth it in the end :) hehehe NOW GET BACK WHERE YA BELONG.... IN THE CRAFT ROOM!!!!! hahahahaha

    love n hugz Angie xXx

  6. oh dear looks a right load of hard work but it will be worth it hun...just imagine your new kitchen tc hugs sassyx

  7. oh my goodness poor you ... it looks very organised tho !! lol ... but if you say it will be done by the end of the week that will be grand ... can't wait to see the photos ... happy crafting oops better not say that to you lol ... love sandy xx

  8. It is nice to see your dog is taking it all in her stride! Hope it is all ship shape in no time!

  9. oooh Kate, nightmare!!!! will be worth it xx

  10. Ooh Kay I feel for you, but think how lovely your new kitchen will be, I love seeing before and after pics of redecoration like this, please can I come and help :o)
    I'd love to paint it all for you :o)
    Hope we see the new kitchen. Enjoy it when it's done. Hugs Teresa xx

  11. Went through this last year so know how you are must be a lot worse for a tidy person like yourself. xx

  12. How nice to have a new kitchen, but it must be awful for you being a compulsive tidier upper lol........ looking forward to 'the new kitchen'

  13. Been there, done it - but it will look fab when its done.


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