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Friday, 27 July 2012

Will it be finished in time?

Well today is friday and should be my last day of the kitchen refit but not quite!! The workmen forgot to come back to finish filling in the holes ready for the painter who is coming this morning :(
So not sure whats going to happen today and no sign of my flooring!
But the good news is the tiling is all finished and looking lovely and new,so here's photos i took last night

So its getting there,hope i am not boring you too much but this has been my world since 7.30am Monday!
Going to escape today as hubby is off so i can finally get out in the sun before it disappears (unless its too late) and hopefully tomorrow go shopping for some new accessories and maybe can then unpack and get my craft room back which will be having a make over next.x


  1. Wow, the tiling really makes a difference. Hope it all gets finished today and you can get back to the serious world of crafting. Hugs, Amanda x

  2. Fabulous new kitchen, fingers crossed all gets finished soon and you're can get back to crafting.

  3. This will be awesome hun! How I envy you a new kitchen. I'm still taking tranquillisers after the quote we had. Hugs, Sxx Squirrels World

  4. This is looking great then you can get back to crafting Hugs Ginny x

  5. Wow! Love the new kitchen Kay, what a gorgeous bright space and love your units. What can I say about the Red bowl?
    Its all beautiful my friend, and a huge Thanks for your hug xxxxx
    Mau xx

  6. Oh it's going well Kay, they did that quick, will look gorgeous, keep the pics coming I love

  7. looking good Kay, bet you cannot wait till it's finished, it's a room you cannot do Hope things continue to go to plan. have a good weekend. x carol

  8. Looking good! Green with envy! Mine is soo 70s which my hairdresser friend loves!! We all have different ideas ey!


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