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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A felted robin

Hi all,thanks for the get well wishes,slowly catching up on sleep and ticking off jobs for work and keeping the heating on to avoid the cold but crafting always keeps me happy.
Had a fab day on sunday with some special buddies off mine who came to see me as not up to the Bristol meet this month.

And this is what I made, my first felted robin though it does look a little crazy and has eaten too many worms :-)
Since seeing some felting in action in the summer I have the felting bug.
You can find the tutorial for the robin Here
Am looking forward to making him some friends x


  1. Kay Hun hope you start feeling better soon. Love your cute little Robin with his belly full of worms lol. Love Alison xx

  2. Awww sweet (not so little) robin, looks lovely. Glad you are feeling a bit better too x Susan x

  3. He's gorgeous, looks so soft.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Sue xx

  4. What a cute little fluffy robin :o)
    Jackie xx

  5. Oh! Kay. What a gorgeous little robin.
    Hope you feel better soon. x

  6. Glad your on the up Kay...
    Your little Robin is so cute, he looks like he puffed up against the cold, awww, bless..clever you.xx

  7. He is cute brilliant project Ginny♥

  8. Certainly a hefty little guy lol but he's cute, glad your feeling better

  9. Felting is something that fascinates me, but haven't tried it.....yet. I'll check out your link next.
    I LIKE Mr. Robin, he's a cutie.
    Thanks for het visit earlier.

  10. aaawww Kay, he is such a cute little chap!

  11. aawww gorgeous fat little robin lol
    Carol x

  12. Aaah what an adorable little ribbon, and thanks for the tutorial too, luv Sam x

  13. Sorry to read you've been unwell Kay, hope you're feeling better now, I love your robin he's a cutie!


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