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Monday, 9 September 2013

A Tip from Timmie and craft meet photos

Hi all,well hope you are all well in blogland,I have had a fab day at the Bristol play day yesterday catching up with friends, lots of chatting, yummy food and even some crafting :-)
Thought I would share a tip with you that Timmie aka Tim Holtz shared with us at the Coventry workshop.
This will stop your glossy accents getting all blocked :-)
All you need is a plastic tag,I found plenty on son's bedroom floor!

Insert in bottle when not in use ( trim according to size of bottle )

Fits neatly inside the lid so able to close still and viola no blocked bottles :-)
Have been using this method ever since and it works

And I would highly recommend the scrubby as your new best friend if like me you get very inky

Before picture - messy alchohol inks

After picture - just add soap and water and hey presto and I think I even converted Noreen and Amanda with it

And finally some photos, Sher took this one and my first thought is twins lol
It's me on the left hard at work and Kelly busy colouring

L to R is Noreen, Jackie and Sue

And Tracy and June both looking very crafty

L to R is Kelly, Jane and Amanda
Forgot to get one of Amanda with her latex gloves on lol

L to R Amanda, Sher, Noreen, Jackie and Sue

It was a small group this time but according to Jackie's decibel meter on her phone we were just as noisy lol
Will be back tomorrow to share my tag I made x


  1. That's a really handy tip, will definitely be giving it a go. Thanks for sharing
    Fabulous photos too.
    Sue xx

  2. Love that your sharing Timmies tips Kay, I'd forgotten about the plastic for the glossy accents.
    Looks like you had a great day, lovely photos. Did the Bristol girls and Noreen show you all their buys from there trip?
    Can't wait to see what you made, have a good first day back at work. Xx

  3. Good morning Kay, beautiful cards and photographs since I was last here, still trying to catch up. Good tip too :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Great tip Kay, thank you. I'll have to buy something new, just for the tad though of course lol. Yes, I was truly amazed at the scrubby, its brilliant, I need one. What a fab weekend, rounded of with a great playday, thank you everyone (& yes Sandra, all purchases were shown to all at playday)

  5. Brilliant tip Kay, thanks for sharing. I had been using a pin, which of course rusts after a while. Will give this a try. Hugs Sxx

  6. Love the pictures Kay. My ears were burning yesterday, I wonder why...LOL looks like you all had a great time, like we did the day before. Avril and I will be coming down as soon as we can... you think your noisy wait till we get going.. no holds barred ....
    Hugs Peter XX

  7. Smashing photos Kay, thanks for sharing and great tip too. xxx

  8. well, i see you did spread yourselves out, glad you all had a good day, can`t wait for the next one! xx

  9. Hi Kay, I have been pending doing a blog post of the Timmy Tips so all I need to do now is link to you LOL. I raided the bin for hubby's new sock ones ties but I think I need a firmer one really. On the look out. The crafty day looks brill. BJ

  10. love the photos and great tip about the glossy accents
    Carol x

  11. What a fab tip, will have to buy something new just for the tag. You have converted me to a scrubbie needed one yesterday just from unpacking my bag. It was a wonderful day on Sunday, lots of chatting and laughter with a bit of crafting. Hugs, Amanda x

  12. Looks like a lot of fun, was had by all and am loving Timmie's tip too, Luv Sam x


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